B-E-St By JeeCee

B-E-St By JeeCee

  • Physiotherapist & Osteopath D.O.
    Wim Vandeven

    I have found out that tendon injuries react very well to treatment with the B-E-St-machine. It has been shown that neovascularization is strongly reduced if the B-E-St equipment is used on a regular basis.

  • Professional Tennis-Player
    Elyne Boeykens

    I started the B-E-St treatment after I had a muscle tear of 50-75% in my hamstring. During 2 weekends I have "trained" with B-E-St for 10 hours and during the week I visited my B-E-St center for extra treatments.

  • Head of medical staff at KRC Genk
    Bert Op 't Eijnde

    Since it was founded in the eighties, top-class football club KRC Genk follows the latest applications in the field of  exertion physiology, rehabilitation sciences and sports medicine.

  • Ford World Rally Championship driver
    Jari-Matti Latvala

    This concept started to keep me more relaxed before and during the event which is important for sportsmen. I have got help for sleeping and recharging my mental energy.

  • Doctor
    Emad Abu Al-Rob

    On hearing about Jacques Caluwé, I visited his clinic for treatment. As the treatment began, I felt my morale rising and I hoped that I could regain the use of the left side of my body.

  • Osteopath @ Groep Sam & Kim Clijsters Academy
    Sam Verslegers Osteopath DO

    "A few months ago we integrated B-E-St by JeeCee in our both centers because I am truly convinced about the enormous added value. Each day I am positively surprised by the many positive effects and faster results!

  • Doctor
    Danny Deschuttere

    Many patients with all kind of medical conditions (stroke, musculoskeletal disorders..) had spectacular results with this therapy! Later on when practicing in DHCC in Dubai, I met many patients with same spectacular results!

  • Osteopath
    Torben Hersborg

    I have been working with B-E-St for the past 2 years and what immediately struck me was that it facilitates my manual work as an osteopath & manual therapist.

B-E-St By JeeCee


B-E-St By JeeCee