B-E-St By JeeCee

B-E-St By JeeCee

  • Professional Tennis-Player
    Elyne Boeykens

    I started the B-E-St treatment after I had a muscle tear of 50-75% in my hamstring. During 2 weekends I have "trained" with B-E-St for 10 hours and during the week I visited my B-E-St center for extra treatments.

  • Physiotherapist at Club Brugge
    Jan Van Damme

    What immediately struck me was the rapid and correct healing of muscle injuries.

  • Head of the medical staff at VVV Venlo
    Rinus Louwers

    The tissue heals really faster and that can be seen by both the patient and the physiotherapist. This means that we are able to start much faster working on the tissue being able to bear loads.

  • Physiotherapist
    Kris Guldemont

    In the main, it is done with hand electrodes and may or not be followed up by treatment with adhesive electrodes. B-E-St can be considered for treating any type of pathology.

  • Doctor
    Danny Deschuttere

    Many patients with all kind of medical conditions (stroke, musculoskeletal disorders..) had spectacular results with this therapy! Later on when practicing in DHCC in Dubai, I met many patients with same spectacular results!

  • Head of medical staff at KRC Genk
    Bert Op 't Eijnde

    Since it was founded in the eighties, top-class football club KRC Genk follows the latest applications in the field of  exertion physiology, rehabilitation sciences and sports medicine.

  • Osteopath @ Groep Sam & Kim Clijsters Academy
    Sam Verslegers Osteopath DO

    "A few months ago we integrated B-E-St by JeeCee in our both centers because I am truly convinced about the enormous added value. Each day I am positively surprised by the many positive effects and faster results!

  • Osteopath
    Torben Hersborg

    I have been working with B-E-St for the past 2 years and what immediately struck me was that it facilitates my manual work as an osteopath & manual therapist.

B-E-St By JeeCee


B-E-St By JeeCee